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We're committed to generating superior results for property owners and developers through the identification and acquisition of land with development potential. Our efforts enhance the beauty, well-being, and social welfare of the communities we support.

About Us

Estately, LLC is a Real Estate Investment Company that was founded in 2022 by Jazz Dhanoa and Zuhayr Khan.Our selection of Real Estate primarily focuses on Land with Development Potential. We take pride in working alongside developers to create communities that enrich cities and give Americans new opportunities. Acting as Land Acquisition Specialists and Land Entitlement Advisors, we assist developers and builders to swiftly navigate the development timeline.

Land Acquisition

The choice to sell your Land is a monumental decision!We understand it's not merely about the land! As a landowner, selling can be a very daunting proces. Our primary objective is to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. Our team is trained to make sure that every party involved receives fair treatment and is satisfied with the outcome.

Land Development

We help identify whether or not your land has development potential.Land development can be a tedious process if you aren’t familiar with the process. This requires a team. Fortunately, we have that covered. Estately will help guide you through the process of development with our team of engineers, consultants, and contacts within the jurisdiction.A Typical Development Timeline Looks Similar To ThisPhase 1: Due DiligenceOnce under contract, our team will have a Feasibility study under way to determine whether or not the Land has development potential. Simultaneously, our engineering consultants prepare layouts that fit within the needs of the local developers and homebuilders. Typically, there is a pre-development/pre-application meeting with the government to review the utilities, zoning, and other rules that need to be met in order to proceed.Phase 2: Prepare Land Use ApplicationIn this step, there are a multitude of other surveys that are done in order to fully comply with the local building regulations. Some examples of studies include Boundaries, Traffic, Geotechnical, Topography, Grading, Stormwater and more. All the resulting information from the completed studies will be used for the Land Use Application that is submitted to the jurisdiction for approval.Phase 3: Application Deemed CompleteAfter receiving the application, the Jurisdiction will usually have 30 days to review and deem it complete. The jurisdiction will review all items required for the subdivision and if they think they need additional information, they’ll request it and another 30-day review period may begin again.Phase 4: Preliminary Plat Application ApprovalOnce the application is complete the jurisdiction will move towards the “Preliminary Plat Approval”, also known as “Entitlements”. This process can involve a long list of approvals depending on the project’s difficulty. By law, the jurisdiction is required to respond within a reasonable time frame.Phase 5: Prepare Subdivision EngineeringAfter preliminary plat approval, this is where the engineers start the civil engineering details for the subdivision. This includes the detailed development's construction plans and specific locations for the utilities and any amenities.Phase 6: Engineering ApprovalThis is the final approval step before the dirt is shovel ready. The Jurisdiction will review the engineering plans and reach out to finalize any necessary changes. After approval the Jurisdiction calls a meeting with all necessary contractors and consultants to review the construction schedule and process. Finally, the construction process can begin.

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